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Periodontal Treatment Los Gatos

Periodontal conditions represent a series of chronic gum infections that gradually undermine the support structures of your teeth. The main contributor to gum-related issues is dental plaque. This may manifest as redness, swelling, and a tendency for the gums to bleed with ease. Over time, if this gum irritation persists, it results in the detachment of gum tissue from the teeth, creating pockets or gaps. As these periodontal diseases advance, they damage not only the gums but also the bones that anchor your teeth in place, potentially resulting in tooth loss if not addressed. 

Proactive dental hygiene and regular check-ups are your best defense against the destructive effects of periodontal diseases. To maintain optimal oral health and prevent the onset of periodontal diseases, it’s advisable to consult with a Los Gatos Dentist Dr. Mamal Rahimi. He can provide personalized care and treatments to protect your natural teeth, keeping your smile intact and your gums healthy. 

Periodontist Los Gatos

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Signs of Periodontal Issues

A myriad of elements are at play in the prevalence of periodontal disease, commonly known as gingivitis. Commonly known as gingivitis, signs of periodontal disease can be incredibly mild, often going unnoticed. In certain instances, it can even progress without any noticeable symptoms, remaining undetected until a dental professional brings it to light.

Our patients at Rahimi Dental Group should be vigilant for these typical indicators of gum disease:

– Gums that appear red, feel swollen, or are unusually sensitive
– Bleeding of the gums during toothbrushing
– Persistent halitosis, not remedied by mouthwash
– Loose sensation in teeth
– Receding gums, exposing more of the tooth

Observing any of these signs could suggest the presence of gingivitis. Recognizing and managing gingivitis quickly is vital at Rahimi Dental Group to prevent its escalation to periodontitis, which can significantly raise the risk of losing teeth.

The accumulation of plaque and bacteria under the gumline can instigate the erosion of the jawbone, leading to loosened teeth and potential tooth loss. At Rahimi Dental Group, Dr. Mamal Rahimi offers an in-depth cleaning service, known as scaling and root planing, to combat advanced gum disease.

This thorough cleaning process expels plaque and bacteria from the spaces that form between the teeth and gums. This essential step allows for the gums to reseal against the teeth, secures the dentition in place, and thwarts additional bone degradation.

– Oraquix: A no-needle, liquid anesthetic used to alleviate discomfort during deep cleaning sessions.
– Arestin: A gradual-release antibiotic powder placed into the gum pockets, which significantly aids in pocket depth improvement post-deep cleaning.
– Dyclonine: An oral rinse for those with sensitive gums and teeth, providing a numbing effect to ease routine dental cleanings, wearing off by the end of the visit.

Maintaining prime oral health practices at home coupled with biannual dental exams and cleanings at Rahimi Dental Group is your best defense against gingivitis. But if you are grappling with gum disease, we may suggest more regular cleanings to closely monitor and manage the condition, helping to prevent any setbacks.

We invite you to reach out to Dr. Mamal Rahimi in Los Gatos today to schedule your upcoming dental exam and cleaning. Let us work together to keep your smile healthy and bright!

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